Occupational Health Services


Why is there a need for occupational health services?

Understanding the relationship between health and the workplace is fundamental to success of business.

The protection of the health of the working population is the primary concern of CityHealth OHS.  Occupational injuries and diseases are largely preventable. 

The health of the working population has effects on work productivity as well as economic and social well being of the workers, their families, the companies and society.


CityHealth OHS aims to build strong partnership efforts with companies to raise occupational safety and health (OSH) standards and provide better protection to workers



Benefits to companies

Benefits of well-administered occupational health service includes:

  1. Reduced potential for on-job injuries / diseases due to work place hazards

  2. Reduced cost associated with work related illnesses/diseases and sickness absence

  3. Reduced risk of litigation from non-compliance with work-health related statutory requirement

  4. Encourage awareness of safe work practices in the workplace

  5. Promotion of health awareness and job satisfaction

  6. Increased productivity and staff retention

  7. Reduce medical / hospitalization insurance costs



Within OHS our services include:

  • Advice and policy formation

  • Risk assessment

  • Evaluation of company occupational health and safety programs

  • Pre-placement health assessment

  • Health surveillance

  • Travel health advice and immunization

  • Health promotion and training


a.         Advice and policy formation

Client can turn to CityHealth OHS to provide professional guidance on a wide range of health issues arising from the workplace.

  • Health care provision

  • Health care cost management

  • Health insurance

  • Chronic illness management


b.         Risk assessment

Health protection begins with an assessment of risk. 

Risk assessment is a structured and systematic procedure, that is dependant on the correct identification of hazards, and the appropriate estimation of risk arising from them. 

This is done with a view to making industries comparison as well as for the purpose of control and avoidance of health hazards and risks.

CityHealth OHS forms partnerships with companies to raise safety standards and improve workers’ health and protection.

Aspects in our role in helping companies analyse and develop occupational health and safety programs include:
  • Evaluation

  • Symptom survey

  • Interview with safety officers

  • On-site evaluation

  • Workers interview

  • Recommendation for environmental hazards measurement / monitors 

  • Analysis of data

  • Report and recommendation on work environment, process, tools, workers personnel protection, periodic assessment etc

  • Follow-up review

  • Training & Education

  • On-site talks and demonstration  

  • Workshops

  • Training courses


c.         Pre-placement health assessment

Pre-placement assessments reduce risk of mis-matching person to task and vice versa, and provide compliance with work place related health legislation.  We offer pre-placement assessment in a combination of;

  • Questionnaire based protocol

  • Medical examination / screening – standard / executive


d.         Health surveillance

All employers are obliged to provide workplaces that are safe for their employees.

In keeping with the spirit of the Factories Act and the proposed Factories and Other Workplaces Act (FOWA), a key way for companies to ensure that they are meeting their obligations is to conduct regular risk assessments and health surveillance programs appropriate to the needs of your business.

HMG OHS provides independent recommendation on health care surveillance requirements and assist companies in implementation of surveillance programs.  Some of the aspects evaluated include;

  • Periodic medical assessment (statutory/industries standard/company specific)

  • Recommendation on type and frequency of checkups

  • Review of workers periodic health assessments reports 

  • Disease trend analysis and identification of health hazards

  • Incidents evaluation and identification of lapses in safety protocol


e.         Travel health advice and immunization

Staff who travel overseas need to be informed on the health risks they may face. The knowledge, attitude and practices of travelers play a pivotal role in the practice of travel health and the prevention of travel related illnesses.  Our strategies in promoting preventive travel health involve provision of information, immunization, drug prophylaxis, help with minimising exposure, and self-therapy. 

CityHealth OHS assists you in fulfilling your duty of care to staff required to travel overseas by providing the following services:

  • Review of medical history

  • Health counselling

  • Updated travel advisory

  • Vaccinations and immunizations

  • Availability of travel packs, trauma packs, mosquito repellent etc


f.          Health promotion and fitness program

A range of programs is available at CityHealth OHS for the promotion of health and fitness of your workforce. 

  • Smoking cessation

  • Healthy Heart program

  • Healthy eating / weight management program

  • Hearing conservation program

  • Work place ergonomics

  • Fitness for Life programs

  • Well Women Clinics

  • Well Men Clinics


Control of occupational health hazards

Successful prevention of occupational disease could be achieved by controlling exposure to harmful agents at the workplace. At CityHealth OHS we have specialised programs targeting specific health risks at the work place;

  • Work place ergonomics

  • Noise and hearing conservation program

  • Chemical hazards

  • Respiratory protection

  • Occupational skin diseases

  • Stress

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